About Me

My name is Florian Unger. I work as a Junior Professor for Economics at the University of Göttingen. My research focuses on the interaction of financial frictions and globalization, innovation and international trade, as well as the effects of corporate taxation on export behavior.
I am affiliated to the CESifo Research Network and have published my work in the International Economic ReviewJournal of International  EconomicsCanadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, and Economics Letters.

My areas of research


  • In the summer term 2023, I offer the Bachelor's course "Model European Union" including a two-day simulation game and expert talks at the University of Göttingen.
  • I additionally organize the lecture series "Economics in Action" providing Bachelor's students first insights into the different fields of economics.
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Latest News

I will present my paper "Financial development and export concentration" at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association. 

My paper "Modeling Inter-Regional Patient Mobility: Theory and Evidence from Spatially Explicit Data"  has been published online in the "International Economic Review".

My paper "Credit constraints, endogenous innovations, and price setting in international Trade" has been accepted for publication in the International Economic Review

My work on "Financial development and export concentration" is now available as a CESifo Working Paper. 

I organize the lecture series "Economics in Action" for Bachelor's students in the summer term 2023. The course aims to provide an overview of the different fields in economics.  

In the summer term 2023, I offer the blocked course "Model European Union" with simulation game for Bachelor's students at the University of Göttingen.